Did you know that a girl misses up to 5 days a month, 15 days a term, and 45 days a year due to a lack of sanitary towels? When a girl faces obstacles in managing her menses in a healthy way, she is at risk of infection, her self-esteem and self-confidence suffer, she may remain absent from school during her period, or worse still, drop out of school altogether.

Over time, these negative effects add up, preventing a young girl from achieving her full potential and having a healthy, productive life.

New Kihumbuini Primary School is one of the marginalized schools in Kangemi slum that St Joseph Upendo OVC Program has targeted to improve their life chances through menstrual education and hygiene. Through this campaign, Upendo aims at improving the health management to young school-going girls­ - including areas like access to safe sanitation facilities, menstrual education, and access to sanitary products.  

A forum on menstrual hygiene held at New Kihumbuini Primary School, Kangemi

In the sessions, our facilitator Madam Aisha advises younger girls about what to expect when their period begins and gives simple instructions on how to deal with it. In the month of February 2022, the campaign was also taken to Kangemi Primary School with the primary target being young girls who have started to experience their menses.

 An ongoing session in Kangemi Primary School. After the sessions, girls are issued with sanitary towels and some refreshment to quench their thirst

St Joseph Primary School and St Joseph Technical Secondary School shall be reached out in the month of March.

But we have not stopped there, we have also distributed sanitary pads to these girls that will last them for 6 months to make sure that they don’t miss school and that their dignity is upheld.

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